Our Story

Welcome to Embrace The Cake! I'm Beckie Bird and I set up the company in 2015 after moving back to the UK from New Zealand.


Living in New Zealand was amazing. You seem to become an outdoorsy person without even meaning to! While living in Auckland it was really easy to adopt a healthier lifestyle with so many raw/health food cafes around. However I still struggled with my extreme sweet tooth - I had huge cravings and it started to affect my moods. I realised if I was going to lose my refined sugar addiction it had to be while I was in New Zealand, surrounded by the lovely produce. My mission was to still enjoy cake and have a treat without feeling the guilt afterwards. I spent my time experimenting and documenting everything I made on Instagram. Cutting out refined sugar, gluten and dairy from my cakes made desserts a lot more satisfying, yet still felt indulgent. I loved challenging myself and turning something traditionally bad for you into a healthy alternative. After lots of lovely feedback and finding a real lack of good quality refined sugar-free desserts in the UK, I decided to follow my dream and set up a business to help others to embrace cake as much as I do!